Author Releases Complete Set of Jayne Belmont Mysteries in a Kindle Edition

mystery authorNew York, NY – Feb. 4, 2017 – Shonah Stevens, author of the popular Jayne Belmont mystery series, announced that fans can now obtain her complete series in a Kindle edition exclusively on Amazon. The set includes “Death in December,” “Blood of the Cult,” “Deadly Sin,” and “Dead or Alive?”

“There’s a growing popularity of short reads in these busy times,” said Stevens. “Each book is perfect for those who love to read, but don’t have a lot of time.”

Set in Australia, each book follows the deductive abilities and adventures of female private investigator, Jayne Belmont. The series begins with “Death in December,” where readers are introduced to Belmont as a novice investigator as she works to solve the murder of a teacher whose co-workers aren’t really too sorry that he’s gone.

In “Blood of the Cult,” Belmont goes under-cover in a secretive cult to discover what happened to her client’s twin sister. Belmont encounters cult members during her investigation who all have their unique reason for being there – but it’s the devil she’ll eventually have to face to solve the disappearance.

The third installment of the mystery series is “Deadly Sin,” in which readers find Belmont trying to solve the murder of a prostitute. When other prostitutes begin to die, she must determine if a serial killer is on the loose or if there’s something far more personal being played out.

Stevens rounds out her series with “Dead or Alive?” in which Belmont races the clock to find the kidnapped son of a wealthy real estate magnate. The list of suspects is long and the private investigator must find the boy before it’s too late, while battling her own personal tragedy.

The Jayne Belmont mysteries are written with modern flair, but with the same twists, turns and red herrings seen in classic mysteries that made the genre so popular. “I learned to read at a little over four years old and was reading Agatha Christie soon after,” said Stevens.

This marks the first time that all four books in Stevens’ Jayne Belmont mystery series have been released as a complete set for Kindle. The books quickly sweep readers along with Belmont on her adventures and provide mystery aficionados with an opportunity to exercise their own powers of deduction.


About Shonah Stevens

Shonah Stevens is the author of numerous books, including the Jayne Belmont mystery series. She resides in Australia with her partner and small dog where she writes series, novellas and full-length novels. The author enjoys bush-walking and when she’s not reading, she’s working on her next project.


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