Book Covers

I’ve decided to design my own book covers from now on. Not because I’m super talented at graphic design, but I’m learning. The covers on this page are my attempts, they’re not actual books. This is due to the reasons below.

For indie authors, a professional looking book cover can be an expense they can ill afford. Although it’s probably more of an investment than an expense, at the end of the day you still have to fork out money to buy one before your book has started earning.

So, what to do? You can get your cover designed, but how do you pick a good cover designer, even if it’s and affordable option for you. I’ve provided some links at the bottom of this page if you’re interested. if you go via this route, don’t tell the designer what to do. Just give them an outline of your book and let them do their stuff. They know what they’re doing.

There are other alternatives of course, You can but a pre-made cover and simply add your own text. I’ve done that a couple of times, and ended up with some reasonable covers. However you’re still looking at around $100 for a decent one. And how do you know what a decent one really looks like? How do you know if the cover you think is nice will tempt your reader to click on it?

One way is to look at covers for the best selling books in your genre. This will give you some idea of what readers expect. Don’t try and be different, it won’t work. (Don’t ask me how I know!)

Then of course there is 99 Designs. This is actually a good idea. Put your request on the site and you will get many designers come up with a potential book cover. It’s not cheap, but you might find exactly what you’re looking for. Link is on the bottom of the page.

For the author on a tight budget, there is always Fiverr. I know some authors who have had quite nice covers made on Fiverr, unfortunately it didn’t work for me. But if you’re lucky, you may just find a pot of gold on there.


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