Four Mystery Books Now in a Set

mystery box setThe Jayne Belmont Mysteries – Complete Series: Four Separate Mystery Stories, has finally been published. It will be free today and tomorrow and 99 cents for about a week after that. The I’ll be putting the price up to $3.99.

Each book is a complete novel in it’s own right. It’s a series about Jayne Belmont, a private detective. Each story is a page turner and a ‘hard to guess’ ending. Here are some of the reviews on the separate books –

‟I’m reviewing before I’m even done with this book! I love mysteries and to be honest, I haven’t read any good ones lately…until NOW!! This book is a page-turner. It pulls the reader in and holds on! I cannot wait for more from this writer! Wish I could give her ten stars myself!”

This reader has gone on to buy all four. I’m trying to think of a way to reward her. Maybe a gift certificate?

‟If you are a mystery reader, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. This is a good book full of suspense. Characters have their unique identity which makes things interesting. Love the story-line that has been written very well. I was biting my nails 🙂 . Hope to see more books from this author.”

You will, I promise 🙂

‟The plot built up quickly and with no fuss to a dangerous climax, as Jayne, the detective, goes undercover into a secretive cult to probe the disappearance of a young girl. The characters come to life quickly, and you can see, smell and feel the environment of the book..laced with sandalwood..and blood. Highly recommended!”

I hope you enjoy this set. I’m working on another novel, and will post when it’s completed.

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