Justice Denied – Chapter 1 21

shonah stevens mysteryHere is Chapter 1 of my new Richard Nelson detective book …

The small crowd gathering outside the Holland Park library was gradually growing, until they spilled out onto the footpath. Initially patient, people started to shift their feet. A few looked at their watches, a few more checked their phones. One couple moved away back up the path, muttering quietly.

After thirty minutes, the crowd of strangers started to talk among themselves.

‟What’s going on? They should have opened half an hour ago.”

“Considering the huge amount we pay in rates, you’d think they could at least open up on time.”

‟I’m giving it five more minutes, then I’m off.”

One enterprising older man decided to phone the local council. He put his phone back in his pocket and turned to the others.

‟Someone will be here in around ten minutes to open up.”

Heads nodded and the muttering grew louder. After about twelve minutes a flustered looking man pulled up in a council vehicle and started up the path, looking from side to side at the waiting people.

‟So sorry folks, just let me unlock the door. I don’t know what’s happened to Miss Maynard this morning.”

He tut-tutted and fiddled awkwardly with the lock, then swung the door open with a smile of triumph, standing back, letting the crowd file past him into the building.

He was about to follow them in, when a blood chilling scream stopped him in his tracks.

Pushing his way through the frozen group, the man caught sight of what had caused the commotion. His breath caught in his throat and he extended his arms out to the side to stop anyone from coming in further.

Dorothy Maynard lay face up on the floor, blood forming a scarlet pillow for her head. Books were scattered around her on the floor, with one perched on top of her body.

He could read the bright red title from where he stood.


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