Here are a few of the reviews that have come in for the Jayne Belmont Complete Mystery Set

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I Love the Pace
I just found out about this series and started the first book in this collection, “DEATH IN DECEMBER.” I love the pace – Warning: Do not sit down and think you’ll read a chapter or two! You can’t put it down. I’m getting ready for four days stuck in airports, airplanes and hotels. This WILL BE my kindle go to series for the trip.
I can’t wait to learn more about Jayne. This is a very well written murder/mystery that has twists and turns that you won’t see coming until they happen.
Great job Shonah Stevens – I look forward to all of your works in the future!

Interesting Mysteries!
If you are a murder mystery lover, then you’ll love this book, with a collection of four complete stories, you can’t possibly go wrong. Each story is more nail-biting than the next, all featuring the natty private investigator, Jayne, with the Plain Jayne Detective Agency.
The author first introduced Jayne in the first story and gradually, as Jayne solves one mystery after another, her true personality unfolds and we get to meet the “real” Jayne, not the one she presents to the world. Turns out, Jayne’s life is just as interesting and mysterious as the mysteries she solves so brilliantly. Even her love life with Freddy is exciting. Get ready to meet the unflappable Jayne!

Absolutely gripping! Just sheer suspense done very well!
Get this series! This was a genre I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, however this series definitely pulled me in. High suspense from the get go. Some surprises I did not expect (which makes for great mystery). I’d highly recommend it for its great plot. It was so real, it was as if I was there. High suspense is the operative phrase here! I enjoyed it. Very well done by Shona.

The best book that I found in Series!
This book is very amazing though this book not on my favorite list but this one gives me crap like reading it whole weekend to finish all the series. This book contains plot and stories that you are not expecting such a great book! Highly recommending it!

Now that the holidays are here, why not treat yourself to some gripping reading and get to know Jayne, the unflappable private eye that people are loving!

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