Is Digital Media Stopping Us From Reading? 1

Do you know that a large number of people never read a book after they leave high school? I know that if you’re reading this, it doesn’t include you, but can you believe it? I’m not talking about people who can’t read either.

I would have serious withdrawal symptoms if I didn’t read something every day! For me it’s the best form of entertainment. Now that Kindle Unlimited has finally reached Australia (yay!), I’m in reading heaven.

Apparently the lack of reading can be tied to the easy access to our phones and all of the other digital distractions that are reducing the amount of reading many of us are doing.

Call me boring, but I use my phone to make phone calls, apart from Instagram and emails.

Books are very different from online content. They’re thought provoking, entertaining, and informative. They let you pause and imagine. They don’t come with a slew of negative comments attached to the bottom of every chapter.
Yes I use Facebook and Twitter; I just don’t get lost in there.

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How about you? Do you love reading? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought on “Is Digital Media Stopping Us From Reading?

  • Miriam

    I love reading books, real, physical books – I also read e-books however it’s just not the same. E-books are convenient, they are usually in my pocket because my phone usually is, they are handy for traveling etc, they are just not the same as holding a book and turning the pages.

    I use social media a lot, it seems so important these days in promoting business and sharing information. It’s sometimes a struggle not to become lost there, I try my best not to 🙂